100 Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC in Rishikesh

100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Best short Yoga Course Is Affordable & Intensive Yoga Teacher Training at Rishikesh Yog Dham with a life changing spiritual yogic experience.

100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful and transformative practice that has been used for thousands of years to help individuals tap into their innermost potential and achieve spiritual enlightenment.This ancient form of yoga is based on the belief that within each of us lies a dormant energy known as “kundalini” that can be awakened through specific practices and techniques.

The term "kundalini" finds its etymological roots in the Sanskrit language, originating from "kundal," denoting "coiled." This term encapsulates the concept of a serpentine energy believed to reside dormant at the foundational point of the spine. In accordance with ancient Indian scriptures, this energy, akin to a coiled serpent, can be aroused through dedicated practices and methodologies. These include meditation, pranayama involving deliberate breathing exercises, and the execution of specific yoga postures known as asanas.

The goal of 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is to awaken this dormant energy and use it to bring about spiritual enlightenment and a deeper connection to the divine. .

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At the core of the 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga regimen lies a pivotal discipline—the incorporation of precise breathwork, known as pranayama, with the conviction that it catalyzes the circulation of energy within the corporeal frame. Predominantly featured in the domain of Kundalini Yoga is the "breath of fire," a technique characterized by brisk and rhythmic inhalations and exhalations. This method serves the dual purpose of invigorating and cleansing the physical vessel, aligning seamlessly with the holistic philosophy of Kundalini Yoga.

Within the realm of 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga, a significant facet emerges through the utilization of mantras and meditation. Mantras, characterized as sanctified sounds or words, undergo repetitive invocation, acting as conduits to concentrate the mind and forge a profound tether to the divine. In tandem, meditative practices play a crucial role, serving as transformative tools enabling individuals to delve into their most intrinsic capabilities and traverse the path towards spiritual enlightenment. This interplay of mantras and meditations, intrinsic to 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga, facilitates a harmonious journey towards spiritual elevation and self-discovery.

Prominently featured in the annals of 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga is the renowned "Kundalini Meditation," acclaimed for its purported ability to rouse latent energy situated at the foundational point of the spine. This meditative practice entails a concerted engagement with breath, the rhythmic iteration of a designated mantra, and the imaginative visualization of the burgeoning awakening of kundalini energy. It stands as a testament to the intricate synergy of breath control, sacred utterance, and mental imagery within the transformative landscape of Kundalini Yoga, propelling practitioners towards the realms of heightened consciousness and inner vitality.

It is also important to note that 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga can be a bit challenging for beginners, it is recommended that one starts with a teacher who has experience in this style of yoga to guide them through the process and avoid any potential risks.

 It is a challenging and intense practice that should be approached with caution and guidance from an experienced teacher. With patience and commitment, one can experience the transformative power of Kundalini Yoga and achieve a deeper connection to the divine.

100 hour kundalini yoga teacher training in rishikesh
100 hour kundalini yoga teacher training in rishikesh
100 hour kundalini yoga teacher training in rishikesh


Best Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India

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Applications are serves on first come first serve basis and seats are limited in Number. Hence, we encourage early admissions. The management reserves full rights to reject applications if deemed so.

100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Course Overview

Our 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Programme is based on both the traditional Kundalini Primary Series and the creative Vinyasa Flow. We start training programs with the primary chain for establishing proper alignment and breathing within each posture, creating a strong foundation.

With a strong technical foundation, you will then experiment with Vinyasa Yoga, adopting your internal flow and creativity. To balance the masculine energy of Yang’s practices, we will also dive into the meditation practice of Yin Yoga.

The daily lecture will include topics such as functional anatomy, yoga philosophy, subtle energy, chakras, meditation, pranayama, mantras and more.

By the end of the yoga course, you will be able to teach the appropriately modified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Class for all levels and offer modifications to students with injuries or physical limitations.

Best kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Embarking on a 100 hour Kundalini Yoga course in the serene city of Rishikesh holds immense significance for aspiring yogis. This comprehensive program offers an ideal opportunity to deepen your understanding and practice of Kundalini Yoga, while immersing yourself in the spiritual energy that radiates throughout this sacred land.

Rishikesh has long been considered the yoga capital of the world, attracting seekers from all corners of the globe. It is believed that practicing yoga in this holy city amplifies its transformative effects, allowing students to tap into their inner wisdom and experience profound personal growth.

A 100 hour course provides a solid foundation for those just beginning their journey with Kundalini Yoga or seeking to enhance their existing practice. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, you will learn various techniques and exercises designed to awaken dormant energies within your body, leading to improved physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual awakening.

Benefits of Practicing 100 hour Kundalini Yoga

One of the main benefits of Kundalini yoga is its ability to release stress and tension from the body. Through a combination of asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathwork), and meditation, Kundalini yoga helps to calm the nervous system and promote relaxation.

In addition to reducing stress, practicing Kundalini yoga also increases energy levels. The dynamic movements and breathwork techniques involved in this style of yoga help to awaken dormant energy within us, allowing it to flow freely throughout our body. As a result, we feel more vibrant and alive.

Another benefit of Kundalini yoga is its ability to enhance mental clarity and focus. By incorporating specific meditative practices such as chanting mantras or focusing on specific points within the body during the practice, we train our minds to become more focused and present.

Furthermore, practicing Kundalini yoga can also have a positive impact on emotional well-being. This ancient practice helps us connect with our emotions on a deeper level, allowing us to process them in a healthy way. It promotes self-awareness and self-acceptance, leading to greater emotional balance.

Engaging in regular Kundalini yoga practice can transform our lives by bringing about physical strength, mental clarity, emotional stability,and spiritual growth. It is truly an empowering practice that nurtures all aspects of our being.

A brief overview of your life changing complete Yoga Teacher Training in India:-

  • India's largest Yoga School with highly experienced instructors
  • Tailored for Beginners & Intermediate students
  • In-person Residential Course
  • Complimentary pre-recorded preparatory course videos provided post-booking
  • Arrival on the 1st and departure on the 15th of each month
  • Basic English proficiency recommended
  • Ongoing unlimited support from the school
  • Explore the realms of Kundalini Yoga through a blend of Pranayama (breathing exercises), Kriyas (exercise series), Asanas (postures), mudras (gestures), and Mantras (sacred sounds). As a distinguished yoga educational institute situated in Rishikesh,
  • Rishikesh Yogdham advocates for a gradual and systematic activation of Kundalini, providing you with the spiritual growth keys. Join us today to embark on a journey of rediscovery, unlocking a universe of possibilities. Rejuvenate, heal, and empower your Chakras with our exclusive 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program.

100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh Yogdham School

  • Immerse yourself in a transformative yoga learning experience at World Peace Yoga School.
  • Enjoy a serene ambience conducive to innate blissfulness during your yoga practice.
  • Undergo a 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh for a rejuvenating journey towards radiating peace and love.
  • The entire curriculum and its subsidiaries are approved by Yoga Alliance.
  • Led by Guru Vishnu, skilled teachers at World Peace Yoga School share traditional yogic and Vedic practices throughout the comprehensive course.
  • Experience the essence of life through Yoga, as introduced by World Peace Yoga School.
  • Positioned in the yoga capital amid the serene Himalayan Hills, it stands as one of the most reputed and traditional yoga institutes globally.

This 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga teacher training program is here to help you start your journey on the yoga path. It's a great way to gain a solid understanding of yoga practices and become a certified yoga teacher. The course is perfect for building the foundation to become a motivated yoga instructor. It's registered with Yoga Alliance and is designed to help aspiring yoga teachers enhance their knowledge of Yoga and meditation.

Course Objectives

  • Provide inspirational, educational, and authentic yoga education, no matter what your level of practice is at.
  • Encourage you to deepen your love for yoga, and provide you the skills to get confident at teaching yoga safely with your own students.
  • Build a positive learning environment in which you and all like-minded yogis thrive, and build long-lasting friendships.
  • Welcome to our international tribe where you and your fellow graduates will continue to grow and inspire each other for years to come.
  • We hope to be an integral part of your yoga journey.

YTTC Course Fee

Private Room – $600 USD 

Shared Room – $450 USD

To Book your mat space –

A advance deposit of $100 is payable via PayPal. Balance amount is payable in full on arrival and is accepted in Cash INR/USD/EURO/Credit card/Bank transfer
PayPal/bank/Credit card transaction fee is borne by the applicant.

Why Rishikesh For Yoga & Brief Overview of Course

Why Visit Rishikesh For Yoga Teacher Training

Rishikesh holds a special place in the hearts of those seeking a spiritual and transformative yoga experience. Here are a few reasons why Rishikesh is renowned for yoga:

Spiritual Significance:

Rishikesh is a sacred town with a rich spiritual history. It is believed that meditation and yoga practices have been carried out in this region for centuries, making it an ideal environment for those on a spiritual journey.

Scenic Beauty:

Nestled along the banks of the Ganges River and surrounded by lush greenery and the majestic Himalayan mountains, Rishikesh provides a serene and tranquil backdrop for yoga and meditation practices. The natural beauty of the area enhances the overall experience of self-discovery and inner exploration.

Yoga Ashrams and Schools:

Rishikesh is home to numerous traditional ashrams and modern yoga schools, offering a variety of yoga teacher training programs and retreats. These institutions attract experienced yoga teachers and spiritual guides, providing a supportive environment for individuals to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga.

Brief Overview Of What You Will Learn?

Traditional Classical Yoga Practices:
Holistic approach to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Includes asanas, pranayama, meditation, and ethical principles.

Ashtanga Yoga Alignment & Adjustment:
Eight Limbs of Yoga with a focus on breath and movement synchronization. Importance of correct alignment and adjustment for safe and effective practice.

Teaching Methodology:
Develops effective teaching skills. Covers lesson planning, communication, and inclusive learning environments.

Yoga Anatomy:
Study of the human body in relation to yogic practices. Enhances the ability to guide safely and prevent injuries.

Introduction to Himalayan Tradition:
Emphasizes meditation, self-inquiry, and unity with nature. Rooted in ancient yogic wisdom.

Different Yoga Traditions of the World:
Explores diverse paths, including Hatha, Kundalini, Bhakti, and Jnana Yoga.

Importance and Necessity of Yoga in Life:
Stress reduction, mindfulness, and deeper self-connection.

Foundation of Yoga Practice:
Based on discipline, self-awareness, and ethical guidelines. Extends into daily life beyond the yoga mat.

100+ Yoga Postures:
Diverse range including standing, seated, balancing, and inverted poses.

Meaning and Science Behind Poses:
Symbolism and scientific principles add depth to the practice.

Mindfulness Yoga Training:
Cultivates present-moment awareness. Enhances mind-body connection and inner peace.

Holistic Yoga for Daily Life:
Integrates postures, breathwork, meditation, and ethics into daily routines.

Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, and Bandha:
Guided relaxation, breath control, and energy locks for vitality.

Meditation Practices:
Core component fostering mental clarity, focus, and inner peace. Various techniques including mindfulness, loving-kindness, and mantra meditation.

Mudra, Mantra, Yoga Philosophy, and More:
Study of hand gestures, sacred sounds, and philosophical foundations. Draws from ancient texts like the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita.

Sitting-Lying-Walking-Sleeping and Laughing Yoga:
Integration of yoga principles into everyday activities. Emphasizes mindfulness in sitting, lying, walking, sleeping, and laughing.

Contemplation Practices:
Encourages self-reflection, introspection, and deep contemplation. Facilitates personal growth and self-awareness.

What You’ll Leave With

  • An expansive view of life with positivity and light.
  • Authentic yoga knowledge in a yoga posture, alignment, history, and anatomy.
  • An established internal teaching voice that shares your knowledge with many others.
  • Practice mindfulness to adopt the present moment.
  • A confident voice to lead and inspire others to lead more spiritual ways of living life.
  • Friendship with like-minded souls from all over the world.
  • Experience living in nature in beautiful Rishikesh.

100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh - Curriculum

You will be looking for only 100 hour yoga teachers to complete the training and don’t plan to pursue your training any further. In this case, you will be eligible to receive the 100 hour Kundalini Yoga Alliance certificate that is valid worldwide.

In any case, our carefully designed multi-style yoga training will teach you three main styles of yoga: Hatha (including traditional and therapeutic), Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa Yoga. 

In our 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Course  you will get basic yoga knowledge and teaching techniques. The course will develop your skills as a yoga therapist and a yoga teacher.

Even though our training is aimed at prospective teachers, and you will also learn how to teach, all this knowledge can also be applied to individual practitioners. So we recommend 100 hour Kundalini yoga teacher training for those who want to teach their exercises as well as those who want to teach.

6:00 AM

6:30 AM Shatkarma

7:00 AM to 7:30 AM Pranayama Class

9:30 AM Breakfast

10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Yoga Philosophy

11:00 AM to 12:00 PM Anatomy

01:00 PM Lunch

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM Hatha Yoga (Fundamental / Adjustments Assists / Injury Modification)

6:00 PM to 6:45 PM Meditation / Kirtan

7:30 PM Dinner

9:30 PM Lights Off

Note : Daily schedule is subject to change*


What does the 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh fees include?

Participants must attend all excursions and activities of the school and must follow a caffeine free/Non-alcoholic/ vegetarian diet to maintain the decorum and get full benefits of the immersion program.

  • 12 Nights Twin Shared Accommodation
  • 3 Times daily nutritious vegetarian meals and teas
  • Weekend excursions
  • Course material
  • kirtan night’s
  • Movie night
  • Free Internet
  • Yoga Mats and material for all activities

What does the 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC fees Not-include?

For 100 Hours course: –

  • $100 USD for international participant & 5,000 INR for Indian participant extra for Private Accommodation applicable.
  • Any Personal Expenses
  • Any Medical Expenses
  • Any Transportation
  • Extra Class

Deposit paid is non-refundable.
In case of unforeseen emergencies/contigencies/early exit from course/no-show – the fee shall not be refunded.
However a student can rearrange his plans and enrol within the next 3 months to complete the yttc. Failing to do so will have the fees paid/deposit paid forfeited. Under no scenario the management shall refund the deposit/fees once paid.
Hence it is advised, to make thorough plans while planning for a yoga teacher training course as it involves a lot of investment on your part in terms of time and money.

Plan your arrival and departure well within your visa limits. You are expected to be at Rishikesh Yog Dham by 16:00 PM one day prior to the 1st day of the course. Please ensure you flights are booked accordingly so as to reach the Center no later than 16:30 PM. The orientation ceremony will be held at 17:00 PM.
We arrange cab pick from Delhi IGT airport and Dehradun Jolly Grant airport for a minimum cost of $70 and $20 USD, respectively. We will ask you a month before your course date to confirm your flight details should you wish to avail of this service. It takes around 6 hours from Delhi to Rishikesh by road and around about 45 mins from Dehradun airport. Please consider the road travel time while booking your flights for smooth arrival and departure.
Students depart the Centre a day after the graduation ceremony post breakfast.

A recent passport size photo

A colour copy or scan of Passport

A copy of Indian visa. Incase of E-visa, the school shall also seek for the arrival e-stamp details

Sun protection

Yoga clothing for asana practice

Comfortable clothing for all times


Winter warmers if travelling during the winter season

A pair of white clothing for the graduation ceremony

Adaptor plug etc.

Course Outline

In The 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Course Your normal training day starts with morning yoga and meditation exercises. In the afternoon there are lectures, afternoon exercises, and group teaching.

Your classroom lecture will change week-by-week with various topics including functional anatomy, yoga philosophy, history of yoga and Hinduism and class sequencing.

You will also learn practical hands-on assist, key postural alignment, the use of yoga props, and an ethical approach to the business of yoga. We will explore ethical topics of teaching yoga, practical business marketing skills, pricing, and how to build your online presence.

The important component of the course lies in practicing different styles of yoga. From the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series to Vinyasa, Yin, and Rocket Yoga you will receive an appreciation for many different forms of yoga in the modern world, discovering their uniqueness and objectives.

Upon graduation, you will be able to teach yoga to your future students with your own experience and knowledge.After Successfully Completion Of 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh Course You Will Receive 100 hour Yoga Alliance certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an intensive training program designed to deepen your understanding and practice of Kundalini Yoga and prepare you to become a certified teacher.

Kundalini Yoga focuses on awakening spiritual energy, combining postures, breathwork, and meditation in a unique way.

Anyone with a basic understanding of yoga and a desire to deepen their practice can enroll. Some programs may have specific prerequisites.

The program typically covers Kundalini Yoga philosophy, asanas (postures), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, teaching methodology, and more.

It varies, but a typical 100-hour program may be completed in 1-2 weeks, depending on the schedule.


Before signing up for our 100 hour kundalini yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, we recommend that you have the basic knowledge about yoga.

More importantly, we ask you to come with an open mind and be receptive to learning new knowledge, be supportive to yourself and others.

We welcome all dedicated yoga students ready to change and develop their yoga practice on the mat while adopting a yoga lifestyle.

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