300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

Why choose Rishikesh Yog Dham?

The school’s vision is to revive the ancient art of yoga and spread the knowledge, making it accessible to people. The program is formulated in such a way that Hatha yoga’s essence is taught in a residential style of experience for their students.Our teachers are certified instructors whom has in depth knowledge in yoga education and are ever ready to help their students with the necessary tools to begin their yoga journey.

Who can join?

Graduate students of RYS 200 can further venture into RYS 300, in which students will grasp and understand the knowledge of yoga and it’s application in daily life. Students looking for more challenge in their pre-existing yoga practice can undertake this program to improve their set skills.

What is the expected outcome?

Upon completion of the intense program, new instructors will be able to conduct and teach a class according to their students specific needs. Instructors will be able to teach pranayama, meditation, shatkarma, possess in depth understanding of anatomy and philosophy, hatha yoga and flow yoga, equipped with correction methods and alignments. Graduated teachers will be more confident to partake their career in yoga, as well as for their daily personal practice.

Program outline :
• Herbal tea
• Shatkarma ( fill up how many techniques)
• Mantra chanting
• Meditation techniques (fill up how many techniques)
• Hatha yoga (morning)
• Anatomy (fill up what they learn)
• Philosopy
• Flow class
• 3 times per week stretching and correction classes

Students are expected to follow the program outline during the 28 days, and are encouraged to ask questions and generate ideas to improve their learning and understanding of yoga at any time.