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Yoga Teachers in India

Yoga Teachers in India – Rishikesh Yog Dham – RYS 200 | RYS 300 |RYS 500

The Rishikesh Yog Dham teachers are masters in yogic practices with vast experience both in India and internationally. Our Team is set of exceptionally talented individuals and their humble attitude being a key to the success of Rishikesh Yog Dham.

Arvind Sharma

E-RYT 500

Arvind has been teaching yoga for nearly a decade and has worked at Yog Dham since its inception. As an E-RYT 500 and having taught in China, Russia and India, Arvind has hosted multiple yoga teacher training courses all year round and has gained immense experience in the field. With his unique teaching methodology and techniques, alignment corrections and in-depth knowledge, Arvind is full of wisdom and insight that he shares with his students throughout their training.

Mahesh Bhatt ji

Mahesh Bhatt has a Masters in Yogic Science (Gold Medalist) and Philosophy as well from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. He attended many national and international seminars related to Yoga Therapy, Yoga Science and Philosophy. He did a lot of workshops on Yoga Therapy in India and outside India. He works as a teacher of Yoga Therapy, Acupressure Therapy, Prana Healing Therapy and Marma Therapy as well. Mahesh has great expertise, dedication and experience in his work. He has been practising and teaching yoga therapy for last 6 years and proves to be of great inspiration to those who want to take up  yoga therapy as a profession.

Ajay Dhasmana ji

Ajay has been sharing his yoga anatomy (Sarir Vigyan) knowledge at Rishikesh Yoga Dham being the optimal yoga anatomy teacher in the holy city Rishikesh, India. He develops the lifestyle of his students and inspires them to live yogic life. He has a Masters Degree in Human Biology, Yogic Treatment, and Physiology and also possesses 200 RYT, 300 RYT, 500 RYT certification. Ajay helps students to know the alignment of postures, physiology of asanas and modern science. He is a simple-hearted but an unique teacher who has been appreciated for his genius mind, straightforward attitude and joyous face with positive energy.

Vikal Sajwan ji

Vikal Sajwan is a graduate from Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, Uttarakhand province of India. He has been teaching meditation in Rishikesh for last 3 years. He has also taught meditation in Delhi, India. Vikal Sajwan has also a diploma in Hotel Management, where he learned about yogic food, nutrition and balanced diet. He did a 6 months diploma in yogic science from Dev Sanskriti University, Uttarakhand and ​18 months​ ​of diploma in Yoga Naturopathy from Bhopal University, Madhya Pradesh India.


Manoj ji

RYT 200

Manoj is a traditional Indian Hatha yoga teacher and 200 RYT YA certified . He began his study of yoga at the age of 15 in the holy city of Rishikesh, India,and started teaching yoga at the age of 19. Manoj is a very systematic yoga teacher teaching morning Asanas, Pranayama and Shatkarma classes at Rishikesh Yoga Dham.

Visiting Yoga Teachers

Dominique Renucci

E-RYT 500

Dominique discovered yoga in 1975 after a severe motorcycle accident and began teaching yoga in 1991 in Nepal. She practiced different styles of yoga but finally adopted Vinyasa Yoga and has since developed her own style based on the teachings of Krishnamacharya. This style is eclectic and incorporates the best elements of other schools. Though her style of yoga is open she remains faithful to the ancient yoga traditions and her continued study of yoga tradition gives her a sound grounding which she communicates to her students.

Dominique has run many intensive yoga retreats and teacher training courses. Her study of Western anatomy, Chinese Medicine, Japanese Shiatsu, Reiki, and Indian Ayurveda complements her yoga. She knows non-tantric as well as tantric forms of meditation and now follows Dzogchen teaching. She is an experienced and registered yoga teacher (500E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance USA and owns ‘Yogayantra’ a registered yoga school.